Friday, June 13, 2014

Radiologic Procedures, Ultrasound and Modern Medicine

 There are many technologies that have revolutionized the field of diagnostic medicine.  Two that I would like to go over briefly are radiography, commonly know as x-rays, and ultrasound.  Both of these procedures have changed the face of health care as we know it. 

For the past hundred years radiography has played a major role in diagnostic medicine.  The use of x-rays allowed doctors to have a clear view of the skeletal system making it possible to give precise descriptions of broken or fractured bones. The site amazonblu has some good resource articles about the subject.

Anyone who has ever been to a doctor or dentist has most likely had an x ray.  There are in fact dangers involved with the procedure.  Too much exposure to the x rays can cause harm to biological entities.  It is common for the x-ray technician performing the test to operate the equipment from another room for their own safety.  Often times a heavy lead vest is place on the patient to protect other areas from exposure. 

Radiologist use the developed pictures to diagnose a variety of conditions.  Often times the radiology tech will give a preliminary diagnosis before the main doctor exams the film.

Another common diagnostic procedure performed in modern medicine is the ultra sound.  Ultrasound also known as sonogram works by broadcasting sound vibration into the patients body.  The machine records the sound waves as they bounce of of the internal structures, thus creating an image.  The principle is the same as modern sonar.

Ultrasounds are used to diagnose a great variety of conditions, though most are familiar with the procedure for looking at a baby inside of a pregnant mothers womb.  Ultrasounds are also used to look at internal organs in order to diagnose medical conditions.

The results of the ultrasound must be interpreted by a technician or doctor, the same as an x ray.  There is really no risk involved with an ultrasound.  Patients are only exposed to sound waves the post no rick to the patients overall health.

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